Clean, Shiny & Dry Every Time!

Ten Great Reasons to Choose an OlympiClean World Class Express Car Wash!

At OlympiClean you will find a well lit facility with Turbo Vacuums, a carpet shampooer, fragrance machine, and heated concrete!

There are no brushes at OlympiClean Express Carwash. OlympiClean is HIGH TECH! NO BRUSHES!

Our system is even safer than hand-washing. We entrust your car to a combination of computer controlled sprays and the gentleness of soft cloth for added shine! No marks. No dull finish.

At OlympiClean, harsh dirt and dangerous road salt have no place to hide. Our special Underbody Wash with Rust Inhibitor protects the critical underside of your vehicle!

For extra shine and protection, ask for OlympiClean's Clear Coat Treatment. This two-step cleaner and protectant contains no wax, but gives your vehicle the legendary shine of OlympiClean.

If you've ever pulled out of a carwash with your car still dripping wet, you'll appreciate OlympiClean's warm air drying system. Our touch-less dryers will safely dry your vehicle. It's even safe for vinyl tops and convertibles!

Your vehicle is also hand dried for that extra touch!

We can wash mini-vans, pickups, 4X4's, and full-sized vans up to 87 inches high. What's more... WE DON'T CHARGE MORE!

Thanks to computerized technology, white walls get scrubbed, wire wheels get a pressure spray and chrome wheels get gently buffed. To really make your wheels sparkle, ask for the packages with Wheel Bright!

The technology at OlympiClean allows us to give you the same quality carwash, regardless of how busy we are!